Thursday, November 4, 2010

To buy most linux cds or dvds and try

Try linux

Use a computer with no Virus worries

There are only two methods that I know of to be free of virus infection and all the other bad stuff, 1- Use Linux or 2- don't go online with your windows machine!
Linux is getting better all the time plus its faster then windows and much more secure.

Hackers and virus writers, like to stay with an O/S that has multiple security holes
to punch through. Linux has many versions with some being very easy to use and with
very good multimedia support with certain download versions.

My top choices for Linux these days are 1- SuperOS 2- Zorin3 3- LinuxMint
Most are what are called Live cds or dvds which means you can try them by booting up your computer with the cd or dvd in the drive.

You will have two choices to get your cd or dvd the free way download the ISO
and burn with a image burning program like imageburn, then reboot with the disk
and try it out, or buy the cd or dvd and have it shipped to you.

If you want to try surfing the web with no virus worries then give linux a try I think you will be pleased.