Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Kind Of PC Memory Do I need?

Computer memory depends on the type of memory slots in the motherboard and the memory form factor.
The easy method to determine what memory your computer takes, is to find out your computers motherboard manufacturer.
If you do not have your motherboard manual there are two ways to find what memory you have, the first is to install a free hardware system info tool a good one is cpu-z Download and install cpu-z after install look under motherboard and then memory this will list the memory you have installed and how many slots.
The full info like how much memory per slot your motherboard main site will be listed there thats why we looked under the motherboard listing in cpu-z first.
The second way to find your motherboard info is by opening the left panel when facing your computer from the front, then look in the center area for the name and model usually below the name then go to their website and type your model number into the search box or find it under the support tab.

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