Friday, November 13, 2009

When Your Computer Acts Up

When your computer acts up what can you do? well the first thing is think what the last program you installed was if it was recent that is probably the cause,if you have not installed anything recently it could be a virus or worm or even a Trojan run your Antivirus program at full in depth scan. A free start-up tool that is good is codestuff
starter with this tool you can check for strange startup items and just uncheck them to take them off of the windows start up process.Codestuff starter is for xp and vista
the new Ccleaner works with windows 7 and is a very good free registry tool and can remove startup items and help uninstall programs.
Drivers that have been updated can sometimes cause problems you can go in device manager and at the last updated device say its a sound card you can click roolback driver to an earlier one.

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