Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunbelt Software Vipre 70% Off Black Friday

One of the best Antivirus and Antispyware program's out there is Sunbelt's Vipre and its offering 70% off on Black Friday that brings it to a low $9.95 for a single license and for just $10 more customers can get a VIPRE Unlimited Home Site License, which will protect every computer in their home! for $20. Vipre is hard on spyware and viruses but easy on your computer system resources.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Four Horseman of Unstable Computers

I know the name sounds strange but there are four main horseman that can cause strange
behavior on your pc. The first horseman would be hardware drivers that are out of date.
The second horseman would be unstable software.
The third horseman would be a corrupt windows registry this one can be cleaned up by a registry cleaner such as Ccleaner.
The last or number four horseman is the faulty memory stick, get your free memory testing program and make an ISO or bootable test cd at Micro2000

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Windows Desktop Search 4 may be causing Restarts

Windows desktop search 4 recently was inadvertently installed while performing windows updates on a xp pro machine afterwords machine started to restart, uninstalling of windows desktop search 4 seems to have fixed this problem. After checking driver updates and still have the same problem with restarting it is not windows desktop search causing the problem,the cause for these strange reboots and shutdowns I came to find out is failing system memory. I ran a bootable memory testing program called MemScope Memory Tester and is free from Micro2000. and it has found multiple addresses that have failed several test passes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Website Creation Course

One of the most important skills is to be able to build a good website and to keep it going strong as a traffic magnet. Well These skills are usually not easy to learn and master, like reading book after book and then trying the hands on, with mistake after mistake,well it can be a lot easier now, since the maker of Xsite Pro came out with a multimedia training system for learning web design called The Complete Guide To Website Building This is the best most complete learning experience for website building on the net with over 30 hours of golden nuggets that will get you off in the right direction finally.

Friday, November 13, 2009

When Your Computer Acts Up

When your computer acts up what can you do? well the first thing is think what the last program you installed was if it was recent that is probably the cause,if you have not installed anything recently it could be a virus or worm or even a Trojan run your Antivirus program at full in depth scan. A free start-up tool that is good is codestuff
starter with this tool you can check for strange startup items and just uncheck them to take them off of the windows start up process.Codestuff starter is for xp and vista
the new Ccleaner works with windows 7 and is a very good free registry tool and can remove startup items and help uninstall programs.
Drivers that have been updated can sometimes cause problems you can go in device manager and at the last updated device say its a sound card you can click roolback driver to an earlier one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Free Virus Protection or Trial

There are many free sources for anti-virus software like AVG Avast Avira Bitdefender there is protection from these that sometimes will not protect you in all cases like web based protection and firewall ad on's that might be of great use. Trial Software on the other hand gives you the full protection even a firewall if its the security pack or suite.
To get full protection and to find out which one is for you, try the trial version. Most of the trial software gives you 30 days sometimes a little less.
Firewalls give you two way protection one protection from outside and the other from the bad ones that might slip their way in to your computer.Windows firewall only protects you from the outside intruders.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Unknown Drivers

What go you do when there are unknown drivers on your pc, you know the ones with the yellow exclamation points to the right of the device in your device manager. Well first thing is to find out what your mainboard manufacture of your computer is,then go to their site and plug in your model of that mainboard into a search box under support or drivers. Under the model name you typed in should be a complete listing of all drivers for that board listed by windows version ie xp or whatever. Then download install and restart check device manager again until their are no yellow unknown devices.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Critical Learning For Internet Marketing Success

There are a few key areas, that all newbie Internet marketers need to learn for success in the business. 1- Copyrighting Skills this is the most important, most traffic is derived from the articles you wright and your success comes from how good
your copyrighting skills are. 2- Keyword usage and research these areas are next to learn the right keywords for your article are what determines if and how much traffic you will get. 3- How to promote your site with your articles and where Article directories are the best source to promote your site such as and promote your article in the right category and with your researched keywords in your title and body and at the end.
A small background about yourself and a link to the site you wish to receive traffic to
in the bio box, then include the keywords you researched into the keyword box.
A very good video course on this is nomoneysystem its outline teaches you how without any extra expense using free methods to earn and get traffic.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Keep Up With Rogue Software

One of the worst kinds of malware has to be Rogue antivirus/Antispyware they are changing all the time and are very hard to remove if they get settled on your machine.
they pretend to be the real deal to help remove virues or worms on your machine and then attach themselves to your computer like a leaches.
There are a few web sites that keep up with these infestations one is another site is good for help removing such pests with is Malwarebytes Anti-malware