Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many ways to create a screencast

There is one number one far as screen casting software goes Camtasia Studio you know the software that records all on your desktop actions including sound, so you can make a tutorial of some new software.Well they also have a cheaper less feature-full Program called Jing it has a free version and a pro for about $15 for a year.

There is also a freeware application called Wink Its pretty good for a freeware application yes it even records your voice like the big boys software can.


Adward said...

Thanks Larry for your recommendation. Indeed there're tons of way to make your screencast. I also like to share my suggestion on those which offer video editing features, like DemoCreator and BB Flahback 2. They cost little more than Jing but give you more deeper experience of creating screencast. I don't give my cold shoulder to freeware but also prefer to try shareware which would be helpful to your work.

~ Lisa Chen, a freelance of e-Learning education

Larry Millers Computer Tips and Marketing said...

Thanks Lisa for your feedback!