Friday, October 30, 2009

Money Making Club

I like most people would love to be a member of the money making club.
The money making club would have to be easy for anybody to do and guaranteed to work or your money back! and lots of different ways to make money also.
There is a money making club that falls into this category and I have a review site on it also its the Maverick Money Makers Club its a monthly cost club that gives you everything you need to make money and gets great reviews please check out my review site for Maverick Money Makers and see what you think.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Going To School With Videos

The Internet Indeed has changed things for the better, in the old days before the internet when you wanted to learn something new there was two ways, buy the books and read or go to school. Today with the help of the internet and some good affiliate programs you can go to school with videos.

Learning anything online is easy with video and there is a big list of what you can learn, but my favorite is learning how to earn through video courses that show you step by step from beginning to the end. One such course teaches the basis of Internet Marketing called Internet Marketing 4 Newbies its detailed and super easy anyone can learn with this type of teaching.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Windows Updates

New windows updates are causing strange power saving issues with monitor and mouse, I have solved mine by using the setting always on for now. Click on start in the bottom left in XP then click on control panel then click on Power Options then change them to always on for now until there is a fix from Microsoft for this problem. Some times since updates for windows in late October after long periods of inactivity my monitor would not work sometimes my mouse too! hope this helps, you may have to re hook up your computer to get a response from it before you do this fix. I am using windows XP Pro.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Backlink Winner

New video series teaches how to get backlinks fast and get your site the number one position in the search engines it deserves.Backlink Winner is a very good tool for newbies and seasoned marketers alike and the cost is very low and a surprise if you do order.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many ways to create a screencast

There is one number one far as screen casting software goes Camtasia Studio you know the software that records all on your desktop actions including sound, so you can make a tutorial of some new software.Well they also have a cheaper less feature-full Program called Jing it has a free version and a pro for about $15 for a year.

There is also a freeware application called Wink Its pretty good for a freeware application yes it even records your voice like the big boys software can.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding PC Drivers with a service

There are service sites out there for help in and downloading new pc drivers.
One of these sites is called Driver Guide they have a free membership and a plus one right now the plus has a special $14.95 for a year which is usually $29.95.
free membership # Access to our free site features ONLY
# Limited access to our driver database and archive
# Limited download and search capabilities
# No DriverGuide Toolkit Software (learn more)
# No help from our techs

The Plus membership # Eliminates your driver problems
# Access our complete driver database
# Download all the files you'll personally need (20/week)
# Includes our DriverGuide Toolkit Software, a $19.95 value! (learn more)
# Our toolkit backs up your current drivers for safe keeping
# Our toolkit finds the correct drivers for you
# Our techs help you with your driver problems

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Computer Driver Updating Tools

Computer driver updating tools have been around for a while now,and are getting better
at finding good updates for your drivers. Most of these driver update programs have a one time fee for purchasing and using except DriverMax this software has a free version and a pro paid version that gives more and better results for a small fee.

DriverMax seems to run pretty well and is easy to use also. I also like the layout of the program all features are easy to use. The only thing I did not like so well was it takes awhile to get to your download and update it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't use canned air to maintain a pc

Most pc tips will tell you to use canned air to blow out your pc to clean it.
This is not the best method to use because of three things 1- it scatters the dust around inside further. 2- It can produce moister in the area that is being blown out and cause damage. 3- Its not a complete cleaning method.

I recommend the use of a shop vac it's Plastic tubes for connecting accessories is anti static and will not harm any electric device. The shop vac is also very powerful and will remove all debris except the ones that are sticking to fan blades,which you can use a makeup blush brush, to brush away and then suck up the left over debris with the shop vac.

Microsoft's Ultimate Operating System

Microsoft's next ultimate operating system to me would be one that has a new better file system, ntfs file system is ok but we need a new more robust and secure file system,one that files are not fragmented as bad during normal usage.
Auto switching from administer mode to user mode when needed to install files and other administrator functions.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Sticky Notes

Creating a note that will be posted on your computer will remind you of important appointments or dates. There are some freeware programs that will allow you to make notes to attach to your pc one is called Sticker Light Sticker Lite
freeware Sticker

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ultimate Marketing Tools and Products

There are many tools and products on the net , but what about the ultimate marketing tools and products. The ultimate marketing tools and products are those that have unlimited use and are easy to use far as the tools go.

The ultimate products work very well for the job they are made to do and have no conflicts with other software. Ultimate auto responder is one that will give you unlimited use and not charge you more each month.

Ultimate products includes everything you need such as the sale page for the product, resale rights and a ready made splash page that you can customize to your very own. Ultimate hosting package would include a support system that you can use for say a membership site.

Ultimate hosting would also have a product management area where you can upload products to sell or giveaway. Videos of basic web hosting tasks such as uploading files to your sever, and other basic webmaster tasks .videos as well.

The ultimate ad tracker, would give you unlimited trackers for as many auto responder accounts as you wish. The ultimate product center would upload for you several times a month new products that you can use or resell.

A center where all main jobs can be automated they give you the tools you need for Internet marketing success, and the support is not just good its ultimate would be called Ultimate Marketing Center. This
Ultimate Marketing Center should be easy to use to.

Auto responders usually only give your readers a auto responder email which can not receive email
from customers but the ultimate auto-responder gives you the option to place a reachable e mail also in your out going messages.

Unlimited sub domains and domains would be available in the Ultimate Marketing Center. The ability
to add files or to make a new folder easily is also part of the Ultimate Marketing Center and fast support when you need it is also part of Ultimate Marketing Center

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Best Home Based Business

The best home based business should be low cost and easy to run.
Residual Income is a must for any long term business, because this will bring income in month after month.

The best home based business, will have a great support team through email and a forum,and also your upline members will offer support as well. The product or service should be something that is needed or if they offer more then one service for the price, better yet.

Some of the best Affiliate programs offer many promotional materials for you to use, like banners and pre prepared text ads, DVDs and pre verified leads, these are people that are willing to receive info on
money making ideas.

Levels of income from the best home based businesses, can go from ten to even unlimited levels.
Of commissions with a potential to earn thousands a month. Contact information for your downline and upline should be easy to access when needed.

The Affiliate's payout methods, should have multiple options of paying you, say by check or direct deposit in your account maybe even PayPal. A well established online business that has been around for
years is a good indication they are honest and trustworthy.

Only the best online home businesses, update their affiliates web features and links and sometimes offering more services then at the beginning for the same price. World wide recruiting is a sign of a large well established company.

With the ability to recruit People in any country, gives you and the company a large advantage over
many, so the best home based business is one that has the world at its recruiting fingertips.

Low Cost Money Making at Home

Low Cost Money Making At Home

There are many low cost affiliate programs we can choose to make money online at home.
The best are residual in nature meaning they pay you every month over and over again.
With the economy being what it is, finding one that is low cost is a must.

Training is very important to making money at home, and video teaches at a much faster level
two good systems for learning and making money online are, 1- no money system and 2- Internet marketing 4 newbies .

The no money system teaches the basics of marketing and more advanced like making a video to advertise your site. Internet marketing 4 newbies teaches you all Internet marketing basics through video lessons.

These systems are very low cost and below the normal costs for high quality content of this type. Affiliate programs you can use and have good earning potential are good ones to start off

These two programs solve many problems for new Internet Marketeers starting off. Where do you start off no money system goes into detail and shows you each step you should go.

You don't need a lot of money to start off with these systems .