Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Earn Money From Affiliate Programs and Hosting

Internet marketing training should be first on your list, if you are new to the game. Good resources for this that are free are Web they offer a very complete course for free when you try their software for SEO which is search engine optimization.

Keyword training and keyword research is very important - its the heart of all good free targeted traffic. Long tail keywords are ones with 3 or more words. Keywords in your title are good but keep it as short as possible.

Article writing is a must, its not just for your websites but for the directory's you submit your articles to, also to get targeted traffic. Article writing is the heart of getting quality traffic to your site. Earning money from affiliate programs and hosting is made through your targeted unique traffic.

Domain Name - its best to target a niche and use keywords also in your domain name if possible. A niche is a condensed down area of interest that is popular in searches.

Hosting is not only where we send our traffic and build are content it can also be the host with the most meaning that are hosting is also our affiliate program that earns us money making them more then a host.

Affiliate programs there are basically three types 1- Services 2- Software- 3-Membership Sites. My favorite is services which hosting is under like Global Domains International they are hosting and the sole registry for all .ws domain names, and also have a 10 levels of residual income you can earn.

Marketing Tools- basic tools like a text editor most people have on their computer like notepad or Microsoft word. These will be used to write your articles, some software like Write Writer 5 can help with grammar and usage if you are not that good at writing. Ad tracking software or services to track how well your ads are doing.

Auto responders are software or services that can be set up for multiple email newsletters or create a short e-course to be sent and build a list of subscribers you can email to.

Keep up with creating good unique content for your site and the article directories, and you will earn from your best affiliate programs and maybe even your Host.

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