Sunday, August 23, 2009

Popular Opportunity Is Hot

One of the hottest Opportunities online Is GDI. Global Domains International has just reached 100.000 registered members in its forum. That is a lot of people for a forum where they discuss ideas about recruiting new members.

GDI is much larger though then 100.000, because there are many that do not register for the forum in the first place. Affiliates of GDI can also just check on the leader-board to see its best recruters and how many they are signing up a day. In one week one affiliate had 42 signups.

You can check your hit logs for your sites when you log in and much more. Your upline can add to
your referrals within the first 7 day's of their free trial where else can you do that? so if you have not yet joined for some reason why not give it a try you have a 7 day free trial and it only costs about .34 cents a day Try It Here

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