Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ultimate Marketers Center

I have been working online for a few years, and tried many systems and affiliate programs some bad some good and then sometimes you come across one that is well Ultimate.

I have just got to tell the people out there that want something that gives you all you need and more. Its a Marketers learning center, a Marketers tool center with unlimited autoresponders and unlimited adtrackers with a great hosting plan and so much more

The support is wonderfull and you can make about 8 times then GDI for one referral also the support you get from kavari is wonderful so do yourself a favor and check it out

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bootable Repair Disk

Boot-able repair disks are getting better these day's,
I recently had a few very hard Trojan's to remove on a system I was working on.
The built in anti-virus was avg free 8.5 and could not remove or detect them.

The trojans one of which had a strange name as they often do like ti.tu something like that, but anyway they damaged avg so bad the license number
was gone.

I did a search for boot-able anti-virus cds and found a very good one for free
from kaspersky called kaspersky Rescue. It can be downloaded as an ISO,
so you will need to burn in iso mode from your cd burning utility.

This cd like many other boot-able disks are made with some sort of linux os
which runs on its own. When you do a reboot with the disk in your drive.
The rescue disk can update the virus and spy-ware definition files at the start.

The virus and spy-ware update files with a high speed connection only took about 15 minutes, not bad then the scan took about 3 hours on one machine
and removed around 14 Trojans. I ran another free program malwarebytes
Anti-Malware and it found another 30 worms and other viruses.

Sometimes it will pay to purchase a very good solution to begin with instead of being on constant guard and trying to remove pests on a regular basis.

My choice on my main machine is Eset Smart Security It Keeps the nasties out
And if they get on board it takes them down quick. Another good choice though
is Kaspersky.

I will leave with one other point most Anti-virus manufacturers will have a free trial for 30 days from their site so you can decide which one you like the best.