Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Computer Running Great

1- Run a well known paid Antivirus solution. A good Antivirus solution will protect you on the net most free solutions will only let you clean up the mess sometimes missing rogue software and trojans.One of the best paid solutions is from an American company sunbelt software's Vipre.

2- Keep your computer up to date by either setting automatic updates in windows or checking their site every few days for updates.

3-Defragment your hard drive at least every other day using a good defragmenter like Defragler.

4- keep your programs up to date and secure,Secunia's PSI will help with this by scanning your software for updates.

5- Clean up your registry once a week one good tool for this is Ccleaner by piriform.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

PC Tips and Holidays

To save some gas and money too! order online a thing or two, you won't have any crowds of people to fight for your spot at the checkout light. There are many fine stores to buy your stuff, A paypal account makes shopping secure, so hop online and save time, money and frustration for sure. Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What Kind Of PC Memory Do I need?

Computer memory depends on the type of memory slots in the motherboard and the memory form factor.
The easy method to determine what memory your computer takes, is to find out your computers motherboard manufacturer.
If you do not have your motherboard manual there are two ways to find what memory you have, the first is to install a free hardware system info tool a good one is cpu-z Download and install cpu-z after install look under motherboard and then memory this will list the memory you have installed and how many slots.
The full info like how much memory per slot your motherboard main site will be listed there thats why we looked under the motherboard listing in cpu-z first.
The second way to find your motherboard info is by opening the left panel when facing your computer from the front, then look in the center area for the name and model usually below the name then go to their website and type your model number into the search box or find it under the support tab.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Save Money Time and The Environment

One of the largest sources of waste in the world is disposable batteries.
Disposable batteries have only one advantage over rechargeable and that is they are cheaper or are they? Some rechargeable batteries can be recharged hundreds of times before they are used up so if you divide how much its cost is divided by how many charges you will see that disposables cost more.
So buying rechargeable batteries can save you money.
Rechargeable batteries can also save you time by not needing to go to the store when your batteries are dead.Rechargeable batteries can help the environment because they are recyclable. Rechargeable batteries make great Christmas presents, plus they can save you money, Time and help the environment.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How Some Rogue Software gets on your PC

Some rogue software, ones that pretend to be a security or ant virus solution, work their way into your computer by pretending to be a codec that is needed to play a video on some video sites.

Sometimes, they the rogue programs will say you need a flash update or a codec this is how they infect your pc using a trojan that pretends to be one thing and then installs
the rogue program like, LivePc Care or IGuard Pc these are just two of hundreds of rogue programs. Some good resources for the new rogue lists are 1- Bleepingcomputer 2- Spywarewarrior 3- MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

Flash Player from adobe is one of the most common real players for video. Secunia is is a security company that gives away PSI a software program named Personal Software Inspector after installing it will scan your programs for updates and you just click on the link to the right of the results to download and update the program such as java or flash and many others.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Keep Your Applications Secure

To help keep your computer secure,there are many things we can do.
The most routine program we run to keep our PC system secure, is to run Microsoft updates service. What about help keeping our major applications updated? Well the
answer to that is there is a company called Secunia they keep up with patches for programs like java and quicktime and even acrobat reader.
The company Secunia has free software for personal use, called PSI Personal Software Inspector this will help all computer users, because it does a scan much like an antivirus then gives a link to the right of the program if there is a patch, then just click the link and it will download the patch dor you and allow you to update it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Way to Kill a Rogue Anti-virus

There are many Rogue Anti virus and Anti-Spyware programs that pretend to offer you a scan and fix your problems except if you click on any of their buttons they start an install of their program which offers no real protection or cleanup.

These Rogue programs can be very difficult to remove and what makes it worse is that most anti virus software does not stop them. One thing to do is when you see a small menu pop up that's some so called security program or anti virus you never have heard of before,hold down the the control key on your keyboard while holding this key down
press the alt key while not releasing the other two then click on the delete key,this will bring up windows task manager on most windows systems then click on applications
button and then you will see security Firefox or some strange anti virus name then click with the left mouse button end task this should close out the rogue program.

Malwarebytes Antimalware is one of if not the best tool for removing such rogue programs.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Secret Way to Kill a Cmos Virus

Sometimes a virus will find its way deep into our PC system that it boots past our normal bios setup screen when this happens your cmos is infected to some degree.
Other ways to see the infection is time is off but this can be caused by a low cmos battery a button battery of size CR2032 which can be replaced easily.
WHEN THE CMOS IS INFECTED take the computer side off to access your system by removing the two screws usually on the back of the left PC panel facing it from the front, then locate the cmos battery
below the battery will be a jumper check your manual or the mainboards website for the details on your normal pin location and the clear, it is usually move to pins 2 and 3 for clear and 1 and 2 for normal.When clearing lift the small jumper pin straight up and over to the 2 and 3 position leave it there for a few minutes, then place it back to the normal position.
When you start your computer enter your bios setup by pushing the proper button sometimes its delete key or f1 check your manual. Then be sure to reset your date and time and check for a setting that sets all to defaults or for best configuration and press enter to save and reboot.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunbelt Software Vipre 70% Off Black Friday

One of the best Antivirus and Antispyware program's out there is Sunbelt's Vipre and its offering 70% off on Black Friday that brings it to a low $9.95 for a single license and for just $10 more customers can get a VIPRE Unlimited Home Site License, which will protect every computer in their home! for $20. Vipre is hard on spyware and viruses but easy on your computer system resources.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Four Horseman of Unstable Computers

I know the name sounds strange but there are four main horseman that can cause strange
behavior on your pc. The first horseman would be hardware drivers that are out of date.
The second horseman would be unstable software.
The third horseman would be a corrupt windows registry this one can be cleaned up by a registry cleaner such as Ccleaner.
The last or number four horseman is the faulty memory stick, get your free memory testing program and make an ISO or bootable test cd at Micro2000

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Windows Desktop Search 4 may be causing Restarts

Windows desktop search 4 recently was inadvertently installed while performing windows updates on a xp pro machine afterwords machine started to restart, uninstalling of windows desktop search 4 seems to have fixed this problem. After checking driver updates and still have the same problem with restarting it is not windows desktop search causing the problem,the cause for these strange reboots and shutdowns I came to find out is failing system memory. I ran a bootable memory testing program called MemScope Memory Tester and is free from Micro2000. and it has found multiple addresses that have failed several test passes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Website Creation Course

One of the most important skills is to be able to build a good website and to keep it going strong as a traffic magnet. Well These skills are usually not easy to learn and master, like reading book after book and then trying the hands on, with mistake after mistake,well it can be a lot easier now, since the maker of Xsite Pro came out with a multimedia training system for learning web design called The Complete Guide To Website Building This is the best most complete learning experience for website building on the net with over 30 hours of golden nuggets that will get you off in the right direction finally.

Friday, November 13, 2009

When Your Computer Acts Up

When your computer acts up what can you do? well the first thing is think what the last program you installed was if it was recent that is probably the cause,if you have not installed anything recently it could be a virus or worm or even a Trojan run your Antivirus program at full in depth scan. A free start-up tool that is good is codestuff
starter with this tool you can check for strange startup items and just uncheck them to take them off of the windows start up process.Codestuff starter is for xp and vista
the new Ccleaner works with windows 7 and is a very good free registry tool and can remove startup items and help uninstall programs.
Drivers that have been updated can sometimes cause problems you can go in device manager and at the last updated device say its a sound card you can click roolback driver to an earlier one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Free Virus Protection or Trial

There are many free sources for anti-virus software like AVG Avast Avira Bitdefender there is protection from these that sometimes will not protect you in all cases like web based protection and firewall ad on's that might be of great use. Trial Software on the other hand gives you the full protection even a firewall if its the security pack or suite.
To get full protection and to find out which one is for you, try the trial version. Most of the trial software gives you 30 days sometimes a little less.
Firewalls give you two way protection one protection from outside and the other from the bad ones that might slip their way in to your computer.Windows firewall only protects you from the outside intruders.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Unknown Drivers

What go you do when there are unknown drivers on your pc, you know the ones with the yellow exclamation points to the right of the device in your device manager. Well first thing is to find out what your mainboard manufacture of your computer is,then go to their site and plug in your model of that mainboard into a search box under support or drivers. Under the model name you typed in should be a complete listing of all drivers for that board listed by windows version ie xp or whatever. Then download install and restart check device manager again until their are no yellow unknown devices.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Critical Learning For Internet Marketing Success

There are a few key areas, that all newbie Internet marketers need to learn for success in the business. 1- Copyrighting Skills this is the most important, most traffic is derived from the articles you wright and your success comes from how good
your copyrighting skills are. 2- Keyword usage and research these areas are next to learn the right keywords for your article are what determines if and how much traffic you will get. 3- How to promote your site with your articles and where Article directories are the best source to promote your site such as and promote your article in the right category and with your researched keywords in your title and body and at the end.
A small background about yourself and a link to the site you wish to receive traffic to
in the bio box, then include the keywords you researched into the keyword box.
A very good video course on this is nomoneysystem its outline teaches you how without any extra expense using free methods to earn and get traffic.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Keep Up With Rogue Software

One of the worst kinds of malware has to be Rogue antivirus/Antispyware they are changing all the time and are very hard to remove if they get settled on your machine.
they pretend to be the real deal to help remove virues or worms on your machine and then attach themselves to your computer like a leaches.
There are a few web sites that keep up with these infestations one is another site is good for help removing such pests with is Malwarebytes Anti-malware

Friday, October 30, 2009

Money Making Club

I like most people would love to be a member of the money making club.
The money making club would have to be easy for anybody to do and guaranteed to work or your money back! and lots of different ways to make money also.
There is a money making club that falls into this category and I have a review site on it also its the Maverick Money Makers Club its a monthly cost club that gives you everything you need to make money and gets great reviews please check out my review site for Maverick Money Makers and see what you think.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Going To School With Videos

The Internet Indeed has changed things for the better, in the old days before the internet when you wanted to learn something new there was two ways, buy the books and read or go to school. Today with the help of the internet and some good affiliate programs you can go to school with videos.

Learning anything online is easy with video and there is a big list of what you can learn, but my favorite is learning how to earn through video courses that show you step by step from beginning to the end. One such course teaches the basis of Internet Marketing called Internet Marketing 4 Newbies its detailed and super easy anyone can learn with this type of teaching.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Windows Updates

New windows updates are causing strange power saving issues with monitor and mouse, I have solved mine by using the setting always on for now. Click on start in the bottom left in XP then click on control panel then click on Power Options then change them to always on for now until there is a fix from Microsoft for this problem. Some times since updates for windows in late October after long periods of inactivity my monitor would not work sometimes my mouse too! hope this helps, you may have to re hook up your computer to get a response from it before you do this fix. I am using windows XP Pro.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Backlink Winner

New video series teaches how to get backlinks fast and get your site the number one position in the search engines it deserves.Backlink Winner is a very good tool for newbies and seasoned marketers alike and the cost is very low and a surprise if you do order.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many ways to create a screencast

There is one number one far as screen casting software goes Camtasia Studio you know the software that records all on your desktop actions including sound, so you can make a tutorial of some new software.Well they also have a cheaper less feature-full Program called Jing it has a free version and a pro for about $15 for a year.

There is also a freeware application called Wink Its pretty good for a freeware application yes it even records your voice like the big boys software can.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding PC Drivers with a service

There are service sites out there for help in and downloading new pc drivers.
One of these sites is called Driver Guide they have a free membership and a plus one right now the plus has a special $14.95 for a year which is usually $29.95.
free membership # Access to our free site features ONLY
# Limited access to our driver database and archive
# Limited download and search capabilities
# No DriverGuide Toolkit Software (learn more)
# No help from our techs

The Plus membership # Eliminates your driver problems
# Access our complete driver database
# Download all the files you'll personally need (20/week)
# Includes our DriverGuide Toolkit Software, a $19.95 value! (learn more)
# Our toolkit backs up your current drivers for safe keeping
# Our toolkit finds the correct drivers for you
# Our techs help you with your driver problems

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Computer Driver Updating Tools

Computer driver updating tools have been around for a while now,and are getting better
at finding good updates for your drivers. Most of these driver update programs have a one time fee for purchasing and using except DriverMax this software has a free version and a pro paid version that gives more and better results for a small fee.

DriverMax seems to run pretty well and is easy to use also. I also like the layout of the program all features are easy to use. The only thing I did not like so well was it takes awhile to get to your download and update it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't use canned air to maintain a pc

Most pc tips will tell you to use canned air to blow out your pc to clean it.
This is not the best method to use because of three things 1- it scatters the dust around inside further. 2- It can produce moister in the area that is being blown out and cause damage. 3- Its not a complete cleaning method.

I recommend the use of a shop vac it's Plastic tubes for connecting accessories is anti static and will not harm any electric device. The shop vac is also very powerful and will remove all debris except the ones that are sticking to fan blades,which you can use a makeup blush brush, to brush away and then suck up the left over debris with the shop vac.

Microsoft's Ultimate Operating System

Microsoft's next ultimate operating system to me would be one that has a new better file system, ntfs file system is ok but we need a new more robust and secure file system,one that files are not fragmented as bad during normal usage.
Auto switching from administer mode to user mode when needed to install files and other administrator functions.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Free Sticky Notes

Creating a note that will be posted on your computer will remind you of important appointments or dates. There are some freeware programs that will allow you to make notes to attach to your pc one is called Sticker Light Sticker Lite
freeware Sticker

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ultimate Marketing Tools and Products

There are many tools and products on the net , but what about the ultimate marketing tools and products. The ultimate marketing tools and products are those that have unlimited use and are easy to use far as the tools go.

The ultimate products work very well for the job they are made to do and have no conflicts with other software. Ultimate auto responder is one that will give you unlimited use and not charge you more each month.

Ultimate products includes everything you need such as the sale page for the product, resale rights and a ready made splash page that you can customize to your very own. Ultimate hosting package would include a support system that you can use for say a membership site.

Ultimate hosting would also have a product management area where you can upload products to sell or giveaway. Videos of basic web hosting tasks such as uploading files to your sever, and other basic webmaster tasks .videos as well.

The ultimate ad tracker, would give you unlimited trackers for as many auto responder accounts as you wish. The ultimate product center would upload for you several times a month new products that you can use or resell.

A center where all main jobs can be automated they give you the tools you need for Internet marketing success, and the support is not just good its ultimate would be called Ultimate Marketing Center. This
Ultimate Marketing Center should be easy to use to.

Auto responders usually only give your readers a auto responder email which can not receive email
from customers but the ultimate auto-responder gives you the option to place a reachable e mail also in your out going messages.

Unlimited sub domains and domains would be available in the Ultimate Marketing Center. The ability
to add files or to make a new folder easily is also part of the Ultimate Marketing Center and fast support when you need it is also part of Ultimate Marketing Center

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Best Home Based Business

The best home based business should be low cost and easy to run.
Residual Income is a must for any long term business, because this will bring income in month after month.

The best home based business, will have a great support team through email and a forum,and also your upline members will offer support as well. The product or service should be something that is needed or if they offer more then one service for the price, better yet.

Some of the best Affiliate programs offer many promotional materials for you to use, like banners and pre prepared text ads, DVDs and pre verified leads, these are people that are willing to receive info on
money making ideas.

Levels of income from the best home based businesses, can go from ten to even unlimited levels.
Of commissions with a potential to earn thousands a month. Contact information for your downline and upline should be easy to access when needed.

The Affiliate's payout methods, should have multiple options of paying you, say by check or direct deposit in your account maybe even PayPal. A well established online business that has been around for
years is a good indication they are honest and trustworthy.

Only the best online home businesses, update their affiliates web features and links and sometimes offering more services then at the beginning for the same price. World wide recruiting is a sign of a large well established company.

With the ability to recruit People in any country, gives you and the company a large advantage over
many, so the best home based business is one that has the world at its recruiting fingertips.

Low Cost Money Making at Home

Low Cost Money Making At Home

There are many low cost affiliate programs we can choose to make money online at home.
The best are residual in nature meaning they pay you every month over and over again.
With the economy being what it is, finding one that is low cost is a must.

Training is very important to making money at home, and video teaches at a much faster level
two good systems for learning and making money online are, 1- no money system and 2- Internet marketing 4 newbies .

The no money system teaches the basics of marketing and more advanced like making a video to advertise your site. Internet marketing 4 newbies teaches you all Internet marketing basics through video lessons.

These systems are very low cost and below the normal costs for high quality content of this type. Affiliate programs you can use and have good earning potential are good ones to start off

These two programs solve many problems for new Internet Marketeers starting off. Where do you start off no money system goes into detail and shows you each step you should go.

You don't need a lot of money to start off with these systems .

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PC Prevent Disaster

There are many programs that will help prevent total data loss like backup programs but what are some good free ones you ask well Fbackup has an easy interface and a friendly wizard that walks you through the process of backing up your files.

Fbackup can even do auto updates and backup files that are in use. Many options fior source like usb thumb drives or external drives. Fbackup is free to use for personal or commercial purposes.

Pc drivers need to be reinstalled after a fresh install of windows,one handy free program is Double Driver it lets you backup and restore your drivers on whatever media you like.

Imaging your hard drive creates an image of all your hard drive and operating system drivers and everything in between and lets you restore your whole system when a problem arises, one such free software is Macrium Reflect.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Backing up Your Drivers

Most computer users have some program to back up files or folders, but what about your drivers? well I found a free program that scans and can back up all your drivers to a folder and can restore them later its called Double Driver

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Testing Out The Antivirus program Sea

One way to test weather or not which antivirus is best for you,is signing up for a trial version, these have usually 30 days you can try it out, to see how well it works for you.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Converting Video

Sometimes we have to convert a video from flash to avi or any other combination.
Video converting tools can be purchased or a there are a few ones for free I like any video converter
its fast and easy with very good results

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

earnsomecash computer gadgetman

Hi I just wanted to inform everyone of my new wordpress blog its about earning cash online and internet marketing systems that you can use to make Internet Marketing fun and worthwhile. earnsomecash.computergadgetman

Monday, September 21, 2009

Easy Time Management

Time management is such an important aspect of internet marketing, but what are the easy ways to manage our time? Well I have been having success by making a habit of certain priorities of mine for each part of the day.

The Priorities should have a certain period of time allowed for them say writing an article allow 2 hours at say 3 pm till 5 pm.

Practice these habits every day at the same time periods and you will be on your way to perfect time management.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The best Internet MarketerTraining is Video

I have just come across a video series for internet marketers covering everything
over 120 videos and the cost well almost free for what you get it can't be beat! check it out at IM4 Newbies

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free 6 day Product Creation Course

Hi I have been working on a new site and have a free 6 day product creation course anyone wanting the free course just go to Tinyurl/Pcreation

Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Earn Money From Affiliate Programs and Hosting

Internet marketing training should be first on your list, if you are new to the game. Good resources for this that are free are Web they offer a very complete course for free when you try their software for SEO which is search engine optimization.

Keyword training and keyword research is very important - its the heart of all good free targeted traffic. Long tail keywords are ones with 3 or more words. Keywords in your title are good but keep it as short as possible.

Article writing is a must, its not just for your websites but for the directory's you submit your articles to, also to get targeted traffic. Article writing is the heart of getting quality traffic to your site. Earning money from affiliate programs and hosting is made through your targeted unique traffic.

Domain Name - its best to target a niche and use keywords also in your domain name if possible. A niche is a condensed down area of interest that is popular in searches.

Hosting is not only where we send our traffic and build are content it can also be the host with the most meaning that are hosting is also our affiliate program that earns us money making them more then a host.

Affiliate programs there are basically three types 1- Services 2- Software- 3-Membership Sites. My favorite is services which hosting is under like Global Domains International they are hosting and the sole registry for all .ws domain names, and also have a 10 levels of residual income you can earn.

Marketing Tools- basic tools like a text editor most people have on their computer like notepad or Microsoft word. These will be used to write your articles, some software like Write Writer 5 can help with grammar and usage if you are not that good at writing. Ad tracking software or services to track how well your ads are doing.

Auto responders are software or services that can be set up for multiple email newsletters or create a short e-course to be sent and build a list of subscribers you can email to.

Keep up with creating good unique content for your site and the article directories, and you will earn from your best affiliate programs and maybe even your Host.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keeping your Computer Running Smooth

The most easy two methods to help your computer, are 1- defraging your hard drive and 2- Cleaning your registry. There are many good free tools to defrag your hard drive but only one that can do it on auto its smart defrag at

Smart defrag is fast and very good it gives you three ways to defrag 1- defrag files only 2- fast optimize and 3- deep optimize method two seems to work best for me it rearranges the files so the ones used most are placed at the fastest section of the drive.

The best and also free registry cleaner is called Ccleaner made buy Piroform here is some of what it can do Cleans the following
Internet Explorer
Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.
Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
Google Chrome
Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history.
Temporary files, history, cookies.
Temporary files, history, cookies, form history.
Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
Registry cleaner
Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more... also comes with a comprehensive backup feature.
Third-party applications
Removes temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Microsoft Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and many more...
100% Spyware FREE
This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses. It can also be used for uninstalling programs and removing start up items that start with windows.

Friday, September 11, 2009

If You Could Do It Right The First Time

This title is what I and many others have thought of and wish we could go back and do with affiliate marketing. But what would I change and do differently well I would start off with one course No Money System a very low cost but hi powered video learning series that teaches you how to earn from a step by step process.
If you have been struggling for traffic and not knowing what to do next this will help you I would have paid a hundred or more for this that's how good it is.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Software Needed for Internet Marketing

The most important software you need as a internet marketer are 1- A password manager
as you build your network of sites and tools it can get up into hundreds this is where a password manager can be very handy it keeps up with your user name and passwords and more.

Robo form is good but is very limited in the free version, the paid version is around $30. The good news is you can get a good free one that is open source and free with unlimited passwords you can use its called password safes keepass. 2- Any software that helps with your article writing and submitting process.

3- Keyword software that helps you determine the best keywords to use in your articles and websites like keyword elite made by Brad Callen.

4- Website design software that is easy to use yet powerful and full of features for the internet marketer such as Xsite Pro 2 I will soon show a new Site I made with this software.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Power Of Knowledge

The power of knowledge has always been a powerful thing. Most knowledge though has always come from books, the problem is most people have much better memory retention if its from a visual stimulus such as videos.

They don't teach us in school by way of videos but they do on The net, its one of the most popular areas on the search engines. Internet marketing use to be a long and difficult task, because you had to find the proper e books buy them and then do all the reading and hope it all sank in.

Videos are a high powered way of learning, that gives you more enjoyment and retention of the learning material. Audio is another great learning tool, that is one reason pod-casts are great.

So if you want to increase your learning speed or retention or both try a video learning series you will be glad you did.

As Featured On EzineArticles
From the Article How to Earn Money From Affiliate Programs and Hosting
By Larry Miller

Monday, September 7, 2009

Home Business Opportunities for Anyone

Home Business Opportunities for Anyone
The main Systems That will make anyone money.The tools needed to make money online.The lessons that need to be learned to be successful online. All tools under one roof for your marketing can make life easier and save you some money also.
Signup for a system that includes tracking and auto responders, one such system is the Ultimate Marketing Center, it has hosting, products, and auto responders that are unlimited not like some other auto responder accounts. Ad tracking and a lot more from Ultimate Marketing Center for a low monthly payment.
There are systems that require you to sign up for multiple monthly charge accounts, to give you success.The auto responders are software or services that automatically email your prospects.The Tracking software keeps track of any url that you have placed into it and gives you its status, who signed up and from where.
Advertise in many areas, article marketing, videos, press releases, blogs and your home business will be off to a good start.
Advertise in tool bars and traffic exchanges.Another good choice is articles, create your article with keywords that have good results and submit to websites or your own. Advertise on text ad exchanges and social networks that allow it.
Make an e-book with your links and give it away on your site.
There are many ebooks that cover creating good ebooks. Article writing is a great way to get traffic that's free. Ebooks can contain your viral links to be shown to many for a long time to come. A good ebook creator package will have security settings that let you lock settings you choose.
Never stop learning or give up your home business and success online, Implement CDC or Commitment, Dedication and Content.
Building a good income online takes some time and a lot of learning and some work. Learn the basics about leads. Also learn all ways to advertise, many of these you can learn from videos in the no money system on my blog, larryscomputertipsandmarketing the no money system is a great way for anyone to start making money online and is very low cost.
Be a mentor and help others in your downline.
The best referrals come not only when you have helped them, but also when they need it. When you find some great new way of marketing, let them know. Now and then, email them to see how they are doing.
Set aside some time every day for certain work.
We all sometimes get lost, when trying to get multiple jobs done in a day. Having some kind of time allocated, for say surfing the traffic exchanges and later in the day writing an ebook.
Traffic exchanges can be surfed together for more traffic.
The best way to get the most traffic is surf in firefox 3 with multiple tabs. Opening each traffic exchange in its own tab, by clicking on the file in the upper left then down to open in new tab.Then do the same for at least 4 more, surf each about six minutes then click on another tab to surf that one, and then on to the others. Always use a password manager to keep up with your passwords, A good free one is keepass password safe it's open source and has unlimited password use, and is secure.
There is hope for anyone to make money online. Having the right training and systems make a big difference. Great sources for tips and training
I am larry miller and have been network marketing for many years now. I use multiple systems and tools some free. The Ultimate Marketing Center is a toolbox for Internet Marketer's and has a products section, and some top notch tools you need for success, all for a low monthly fee. One advertising tool for free is the freetrafficbar you can advertise through banners text ads and toolbar ads. Home business opportunities are available today for anyone to succeed as long as they have the right information to start off with and be willing to put forth Commitment Dedication and Content.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watch Video's and Learn To Earn Cash

I just Purchased the no money system and it's fantastic! Its step by step video's that teach you how to earn money without putting out a lot of cash up front.

This is detailed video's that show you how, where, and why. You really have to see this,
There are 30 main video's and 20 bonus ones, that's 50 video's that teach you everything you need to make money online.

If you ever wanted a chance at Internet Success without spending a bunch of money then do yourself a favor and order No Money System you will be glad you did.

No Money System

How To Make Money On The Internet For Free!

How To Make Money On The Internet For Free!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Learning and Earning

The part of being successful in Internet Marketing have to be learning the ropes.
Earning will come later when you have the knowledge to put into action what you have

What is it that we as internet marketers need to learn first? I think it should start with copy-write.
Ad copy how to write good ad copy. Keywords learn good keyword research about titles and web content. SEO is very important without good search engine optimization your website might not get enough traffic.

Web site design is a deep subject and needs to be understood to properly build good web pages.

Sometimes putting out money for new software, rather then using free ones, can give us the edge we need for success.

When we love what we do and learn all that's needed, we will be earning a good income and enjoy doing it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best Unique Web Design Software

Most Internet Marketers want Web design Software to be powerfull yet easy to use.
Unique features such as pop up wizard make your own pop ups in a flash.
Create your own links page and edit them when you want.

Website Cleanup feature analyzes the current site looking for orphaned files that you have published in the past and are no longer used. Search Engine Site maps create an automatically updated sitemap that is in a format that google and other search engines will be encoraged to spider.

There is even a mobile site wizard that creates a version of your site that will be automatally optimized for cell phones or internet connected pda.

These are just a very small bit of features you get with Xsite Pro 2 and the price is way below Adobe Dreamweaver.

Help With Your Writing Skills

Fix Your Grammar Instantly with RightWriter

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Popular Opportunity Is Hot

One of the hottest Opportunities online Is GDI. Global Domains International has just reached 100.000 registered members in its forum. That is a lot of people for a forum where they discuss ideas about recruiting new members.

GDI is much larger though then 100.000, because there are many that do not register for the forum in the first place. Affiliates of GDI can also just check on the leader-board to see its best recruters and how many they are signing up a day. In one week one affiliate had 42 signups.

You can check your hit logs for your sites when you log in and much more. Your upline can add to
your referrals within the first 7 day's of their free trial where else can you do that? so if you have not yet joined for some reason why not give it a try you have a 7 day free trial and it only costs about .34 cents a day Try It Here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ultimate Marketers Center

I have been working online for a few years, and tried many systems and affiliate programs some bad some good and then sometimes you come across one that is well Ultimate.

I have just got to tell the people out there that want something that gives you all you need and more. Its a Marketers learning center, a Marketers tool center with unlimited autoresponders and unlimited adtrackers with a great hosting plan and so much more

The support is wonderfull and you can make about 8 times then GDI for one referral also the support you get from kavari is wonderful so do yourself a favor and check it out

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bootable Repair Disk

Boot-able repair disks are getting better these day's,
I recently had a few very hard Trojan's to remove on a system I was working on.
The built in anti-virus was avg free 8.5 and could not remove or detect them.

The trojans one of which had a strange name as they often do like ti.tu something like that, but anyway they damaged avg so bad the license number
was gone.

I did a search for boot-able anti-virus cds and found a very good one for free
from kaspersky called kaspersky Rescue. It can be downloaded as an ISO,
so you will need to burn in iso mode from your cd burning utility.

This cd like many other boot-able disks are made with some sort of linux os
which runs on its own. When you do a reboot with the disk in your drive.
The rescue disk can update the virus and spy-ware definition files at the start.

The virus and spy-ware update files with a high speed connection only took about 15 minutes, not bad then the scan took about 3 hours on one machine
and removed around 14 Trojans. I ran another free program malwarebytes
Anti-Malware and it found another 30 worms and other viruses.

Sometimes it will pay to purchase a very good solution to begin with instead of being on constant guard and trying to remove pests on a regular basis.

My choice on my main machine is Eset Smart Security It Keeps the nasties out
And if they get on board it takes them down quick. Another good choice though
is Kaspersky.

I will leave with one other point most Anti-virus manufacturers will have a free trial for 30 days from their site so you can decide which one you like the best.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Traffic Python Revealed!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buisness with all the tools

Some affiliate programs lack tools that you may need to be successful with marketing their products or services like a splash page creator that includes an autoresponder. Other things like Tracking your ads are important also, but who gives you these with your buisness no one I know except GlobalNPN not only do they give you these with your business its very low cost and is also a great way to make a good income. You can use these tools to kick off any marketing program your in. For example a good autoresponder costs around $20 a month this business and tools will be almost half of that, a great value and a great buisness also.
A new generation of traffic tool to get traffic without clicking somewhere for credits
no emails either
Click here to get Traffic Python

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Make Your Receipts Last Forever

Have you ever needed your receipt for a return, but it was lost or unreadable?
If you have a computer and scanner you can just scan your receipt as a pdf or text doc and store it on your computer,or even a thumb drive or cd. What if you do not have a scanner at home? you can go to a store that offers photo services like a kodak kiosk.

Scan your receipt and then save it on cd so you can bring it home to store on other media. There now you can have that receipt whenever you need it again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Many ways to Have a Free website

There seem to be many online website creation sites on the web now,and very easy to use
One has just changed its name, it use to be Synthasite now its new name it is Yola it is very easy to use drag and drop, even adding html is copy and paste into a box.

Another good one is Weebly, same drag and drop type building, many different elements can be added by dragging and dropping from a menu. One very neat thing is you can add
adsense and other ads that will make you money.

Blink is another type of these easy to build sites drag and drop different templates
to use for your web page and more. Now a complete newbee can make a good looking website anytime.

Now if you are ok with making websites and doing more you can get a free website at they provide many benefits with a free account like 1500 mb disk space
100 gb of bandwidth and more.