Monday, December 8, 2008

Do I need To Upgrade My Computer

You only need to upgrade your computer if, it either lacks the performance and power you need, or has outdated hardware.

What if you wanted to upgrade to a better video card which it is a PCI Express 16 AMD Radeon HD 4830 but you have only pci slots in your motherboard. Well I say its time to upgrade.

The motherboard would have to be replaced for this new video card to be used. Also the system memory would also have to be changed they are two different types that are not

The Cpu would usually have to be replaced too in this case. The good news is it will perform a lot better with these main three upgrades. This is a major upgrade so using your old case would be a mistake, look for a new one to match the new motherboard.

The new motherboard say is an ATX form factor size get a ATX case usually a mid tower is a good choice. If you plan on using your old hard drive you should back up the files you want and wipe out the hard drive for the new install.

All in all if you would rather not build your own, check the details of box units online at the manufactures site, the store employees or the box will not have details
like are there pci express 16 slots available and how many.

There is one more thing if you are upgrading buy a larger wattage good quality power supply such as CoolerMaster or Thermaltake.

make sure it has serial ata connectors and power for pci express 16 usually the newer models will. A 500 watt to 700 is a good unit to allow for expansion at a later date and have plenty of pure power for now.