Monday, November 3, 2008

Many Reasons to Not use System Restore

#1- A virus or worm and maybe even a trojan has made its way into your system but not just anywhere but in your system files. When windows system restore is on your antivirus program cannot delete the problem because its being protected now within the system restore files.

#2- System restore creates so called restore points every day
each time taking up large chunks of your hard drive space. This also causes windows to slow down,increases your boot up time and also increases your windows response time.

#3- The main reason to not use system restore feature is most of the time it just will not work.

So how do you turn it off you say! just left click your start button then right click on my computer then left click on properties then left click on system restore then in the box that says turn off system restore on all drives left click in this box so it has a check mark in it then click ok.

Then you can do a disk cleanup to free up this space, left click on start then left click on my computer then right click on your c drive then go to properties then left click disk cleanup then left click more options then left click on system restore cleanup then click yes I am sure then just wait till it cleans up the files and will free up some space.

A better way to save yourself from disaster is to install a disk imaging program like norton ghost or Acronis True Image and save your restore files on an external hard drive and recordable dvds for backup.

Keep windows up to date and all other programs will help keep your computer safe. Make sure you have a good antivirus that is updated daily and antispyware thats up to date as well, also your browser that you surf the web make sure it has the latest updates firefox 3 will do this automatic for you.

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