Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Sensor For Spyware

There is a built in unknown feature in windows xp. This is its ability to react to problems. When windows xp has spyware, all that you need to do to detect or should I say have windows sensor work for you,is watch your mouse curser.

I know this may sound Corney, but it works! every time I have had a problem with spyware it be a trojan or worm, and even a virus. My mouse curser gave erratic movements way before my antispyware or antivirus lets me know.

So this is a secondary tactic for you to use for free everyone has a mouse on their computer. You still need your antispyware and Antivirus software to remove any that gets into your system.

Some good free antispyware programs need updating manually. So do not forget to keep all your programs updated on a regular basis.

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