Friday, November 21, 2008

Faster and Better Hard Drives Coming

The hard drives we use today, in most desktop computers are mechanical.
There are speed issues, or bottlenecks that are from this mechanical device.
The spin up time, Spin down time and even file fragmentation.

Most of these problems will be erased, when Solid State Drives become more standard.
Its been proven there will be faster boot up, faster shutdown and even faster file access.

When used in laptops will have one added improvement longer running times on battery power. There are many manufactures already making these drives. Some are available in laptops now.

These new solid state drives, will allow the laptop manufactures to make a smaller and lighter model. Also these laptops will more then likely have a longer life span.
They will need less power to run and will many speed improvements.

One of the the best advantages these new solid state drives will have is they will run at a much cooler temperature. Another big improvement is the solid state drives are much more vibration resistant.

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