Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delete is Not Really Freeing Up Space

Delete Is not Really Freeing up space
By Larry Miller

The delete option in windows context menu, when right clicking your mouse button is not really getting rid of your file. What it does is just mark this spot as available to wright on.

This truth can be tested, if you create a big enough file to be noticed when checking your space like a video. Now on your mouse, left click on your start button and then left click
on my computer, when you see your hard drive move your mouse curser over it, your hard drive space will be shown.

Now its time for the proof delete the video you made by right clicking then delete. Go back and check your hard drive and will will see the capacity has not changed. This can be a problem with security and registry entries in windows as well.

One solution is to use software that has a secure delete or file shredder, these solutions take the same area where the file is located and write over it several times with zeros and ones that will completely wipe out the information.

Testing after a file shredder deletes a file will show up as a increased capacity when you check under your hard drives
icon. There are many free file shredders you can choose some
are part of other security software. I use a free software called absolute shield file shredder, when installing it will give you a context menu option, select this and you can use it when you right click your mouse to shred files you no longer want.

File shredders are one of the most important software Tools you can own. Secure shredders keep you safe, and free up space as needed on your hard drive

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