Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Computer Owner's Most Important Task

We all love to surf the web and download files like music and video's.
Sometimes we clean the monitor to see better when it's dirty. Blow out the dust on the inside every now and then.

The most important task for the computer owner, is one that's sometimes not done at all. Its backing up! weather its backing up text doc file's or pictures,most of the time we simply do not backup.

One reason it's to complicated and time consuming, but what if it could be easy it can
be, one of the way's is to buy disk imaging software. I know your thinking what's That?
well it's a program that basically clones your hard drive.

When it clone's your hard drive it copies everything including your operating system,
your files and picture's so in the event of a disaster you can do a restore.
This Image can be done on a external disk drive or another partition,or blank dvds/cds and even usb thumb drives.

These Back up imaging software program's are easy to use they come with good manual's and some even come with video tutorial's. Like large computer manufacture's you will be able to make your own restore disk set when you want with this software.

The price for most disk imaging program's are very affordable most only cost from $30 to $69.95 a small price to pay for this protection and ability.
There are a few very good disk Imaging program's.

1- Acronis - True Image 2- Norton Ghost 3- O&O Disk Image 3- 4- Paragon's Drive Backup 9 Paragon has a free version for person home use it's called Drive Backup 9.0 Express

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