Friday, November 21, 2008

Faster and Better Hard Drives Coming

The hard drives we use today, in most desktop computers are mechanical.
There are speed issues, or bottlenecks that are from this mechanical device.
The spin up time, Spin down time and even file fragmentation.

Most of these problems will be erased, when Solid State Drives become more standard.
Its been proven there will be faster boot up, faster shutdown and even faster file access.

When used in laptops will have one added improvement longer running times on battery power. There are many manufactures already making these drives. Some are available in laptops now.

These new solid state drives, will allow the laptop manufactures to make a smaller and lighter model. Also these laptops will more then likely have a longer life span.
They will need less power to run and will many speed improvements.

One of the the best advantages these new solid state drives will have is they will run at a much cooler temperature. Another big improvement is the solid state drives are much more vibration resistant.

Spice Up Your Gmail

Google just added the feature of applying themes to your gmail account.
There are quite a few good ones and are easy to apply.

To choose a theme, click a thumbnail on the Themes tab of your Settings page.
You can also customize. Some themes change during the day, and use the location information you provide to correctly time these changes with your local sunrise, sunset, and/or weather.

If you select one of these themes, you'll see a Country/Region drop-down menu appear. Select the country you want, and then enter a city in the field provided. If you don't enter a city, or enter an invalid one, we'll set your location to the capital city of the country you selected. When you're done, click Save.

I am using the planets theme it changes at different times of day,very cool.
So if you are tired of the same old look apply a theme to your email, you will be glad you did.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Three Roads To Success

There are many destinations for success, it might be internet marketing. What if it is a master carpenter. What if your true calling was a doctor, well these are all good destinations to success, if that's what you truly want and enjoy doing.

The most important part is, what roads lead you to this successful destination?
well lets take a look at the three roads to success.
The first #1 is Knowledge #2 Tools #3 Commitment

Every trade or practice, you have to have the proper knowledge.
Every Trade or practice, you need the required tools.
Every Trade or practise, you need to have a commitment to give it your all and not give up.

Free Sensor For Spyware

There is a built in unknown feature in windows xp. This is its ability to react to problems. When windows xp has spyware, all that you need to do to detect or should I say have windows sensor work for you,is watch your mouse curser.

I know this may sound Corney, but it works! every time I have had a problem with spyware it be a trojan or worm, and even a virus. My mouse curser gave erratic movements way before my antispyware or antivirus lets me know.

So this is a secondary tactic for you to use for free everyone has a mouse on their computer. You still need your antispyware and Antivirus software to remove any that gets into your system.

Some good free antispyware programs need updating manually. So do not forget to keep all your programs updated on a regular basis.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Makes a Motherboard Good?

The motherboard or system board of a computer, is the most important part of the computer. So what makes one system board better then others?

A good modern system board will have 4 to 6 usb2 ports 4 to 6 sata 2 is good with speeds at 3 gbs and the new SATA 3 coming out soon will double the speed to 6 gbs.
For having the best video the system board should have PCI express 16 slot.

There should be pci express 1 slots about 2 should be good enough for now. The older pci slots are still needed for items, such as a network card and sound card. Three of these are a good amount to have available.

For AMD processor fans like myself I recommend going with a Socket AM3 socket type.
940-contact PGA) - Future AMD socket for single processor systems. Features support for DDR3 and HyperTransport 3 with separated power lanes. Planned to launch mid 2008. Replaces Socket AM2+ with support for DDR3-SDRAM.

Socket T if you are an Intel fan (also known as Socket 775 or LGA 775) - Intel Pentium 4, Pentium D, Celeron D, Pentium Extreme Edition, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Celeron[4], Xeon 3000 series, Core 2 Quad (Northwood, Prescott, Conroe, Kentsfield, and Cedar Mill cores)

Some system boards have very good built in audio, but you would still get better performance out of one with a separate sound card.

Check out reviews of the system boards you are thinking of buying. Some of the best places to check are and

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buying A Decent Computer on the Cheap

The Computer Owner's Most Important Task

We all love to surf the web and download files like music and video's.
Sometimes we clean the monitor to see better when it's dirty. Blow out the dust on the inside every now and then.

The most important task for the computer owner, is one that's sometimes not done at all. Its backing up! weather its backing up text doc file's or pictures,most of the time we simply do not backup.

One reason it's to complicated and time consuming, but what if it could be easy it can
be, one of the way's is to buy disk imaging software. I know your thinking what's That?
well it's a program that basically clones your hard drive.

When it clone's your hard drive it copies everything including your operating system,
your files and picture's so in the event of a disaster you can do a restore.
This Image can be done on a external disk drive or another partition,or blank dvds/cds and even usb thumb drives.

These Back up imaging software program's are easy to use they come with good manual's and some even come with video tutorial's. Like large computer manufacture's you will be able to make your own restore disk set when you want with this software.

The price for most disk imaging program's are very affordable most only cost from $30 to $69.95 a small price to pay for this protection and ability.
There are a few very good disk Imaging program's.

1- Acronis - True Image 2- Norton Ghost 3- O&O Disk Image 3- 4- Paragon's Drive Backup 9 Paragon has a free version for person home use it's called Drive Backup 9.0 Express

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delete is Not Really Freeing Up Space

Delete Is not Really Freeing up space
By Larry Miller

The delete option in windows context menu, when right clicking your mouse button is not really getting rid of your file. What it does is just mark this spot as available to wright on.

This truth can be tested, if you create a big enough file to be noticed when checking your space like a video. Now on your mouse, left click on your start button and then left click
on my computer, when you see your hard drive move your mouse curser over it, your hard drive space will be shown.

Now its time for the proof delete the video you made by right clicking then delete. Go back and check your hard drive and will will see the capacity has not changed. This can be a problem with security and registry entries in windows as well.

One solution is to use software that has a secure delete or file shredder, these solutions take the same area where the file is located and write over it several times with zeros and ones that will completely wipe out the information.

Testing after a file shredder deletes a file will show up as a increased capacity when you check under your hard drives
icon. There are many free file shredders you can choose some
are part of other security software. I use a free software called absolute shield file shredder, when installing it will give you a context menu option, select this and you can use it when you right click your mouse to shred files you no longer want.

File shredders are one of the most important software Tools you can own. Secure shredders keep you safe, and free up space as needed on your hard drive

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Right Tools For The Right Success Online

You here this statement a lot in most trades, the right tool for the right job and you can create a masterpiece. Well the same holds true for the internet, there is also the fact that you need the right training Too. For true success start off right by signing up for a free Internet marketing course there are many if you look, but the best I have seen or taken is Web Ceo they offer free training and free useful software as well.

After your training you will be ready for Great website creation software such as
Xsite pro2 this software is fast easy complete and very effective and you can build unlimited websites with it. The next big step is a domain name your training you had
from the internet marketing and seo course will help with this.

Soon after setting up your domain name with GDI or go daddy or whatever domain registry you decide on, the next step is hosting which can also do with GDI or host gator or many others. Some hosting you can make money with also like GDI or Host Gator. Another tool I recommend is Article writing software this will make it easier for you to put out good articles for your site some have free trials you can download to check out.

When you are ready to get into list building check out the autoresponders out there
Some good ones are software you install on your website they are a one time charge
such as ultimate autoresponder pro. There is Aweber which has good ratings but is a subscription service that charges a monthly fee starting at about $20.

With the right training and the right tools to do your internet marketing job you will be ready to not only create your masterpiece but also be ready for the great
future of success that the internet provides for those that are ready.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Many Reasons to Not use System Restore

#1- A virus or worm and maybe even a trojan has made its way into your system but not just anywhere but in your system files. When windows system restore is on your antivirus program cannot delete the problem because its being protected now within the system restore files.

#2- System restore creates so called restore points every day
each time taking up large chunks of your hard drive space. This also causes windows to slow down,increases your boot up time and also increases your windows response time.

#3- The main reason to not use system restore feature is most of the time it just will not work.

So how do you turn it off you say! just left click your start button then right click on my computer then left click on properties then left click on system restore then in the box that says turn off system restore on all drives left click in this box so it has a check mark in it then click ok.

Then you can do a disk cleanup to free up this space, left click on start then left click on my computer then right click on your c drive then go to properties then left click disk cleanup then left click more options then left click on system restore cleanup then click yes I am sure then just wait till it cleans up the files and will free up some space.

A better way to save yourself from disaster is to install a disk imaging program like norton ghost or Acronis True Image and save your restore files on an external hard drive and recordable dvds for backup.

Keep windows up to date and all other programs will help keep your computer safe. Make sure you have a good antivirus that is updated daily and antispyware thats up to date as well, also your browser that you surf the web make sure it has the latest updates firefox 3 will do this automatic for you.