Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Internet Marketing is like a House

If your marketing on the internet you need a source,lets call it our house. In this house or source we need a way to get in or let traffic in.

Lets use our key or content, by having original unique content you may enter your house or website. To bring in
food or money you need a product. You can have your own product like a ebook you created or some other person"s or company's product.

There are free affiliate programs from company"s that pay you a commissions when you sell for them,like clickbank and paydotcom. Good quality content or key will get you noticed in the search engines and let them in using your key or rich unique content.

This will bring visitors or friends to your house or website.
Search engines are like our electric company,they both let visitors or traffic see our house or website better so they can pull into our driveway or homepage.

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