Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to feel your Computers Health

One way to feel your computers health is to look at the response of your mouse movements.When your mouse is erratic its most likely spyware or viruses,ut sometimes is do to a scan of a antivirus program or a software program that needs updating.Another way to feel your computers health is to check the response time that it takes your menus to come up as you click on them,such as when you click on my computer or your start button, does the menu come up instantly or takes a few seconds most modern computers made in the last year that have at least 512 mb of memory for windows xp and a processor of at least a pentium 4 class or AMD Athlon should have plenty of power for a pretty much instant response.The boot up time is also a way to feel your computers health,if the boot time (the time it takes your computer to start up into windows) is 5 minutes thats a little slow,a good boot time for a healthy xp machine is about 2 minutes or less.

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