Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Internet Marketing is like a House

If your marketing on the internet you need a source,lets call it our house. In this house or source we need a way to get in or let traffic in.

Lets use our key or content, by having original unique content you may enter your house or website. To bring in
food or money you need a product. You can have your own product like a ebook you created or some other person"s or company's product.

There are free affiliate programs from company"s that pay you a commissions when you sell for them,like clickbank and paydotcom. Good quality content or key will get you noticed in the search engines and let them in using your key or rich unique content.

This will bring visitors or friends to your house or website.
Search engines are like our electric company,they both let visitors or traffic see our house or website better so they can pull into our driveway or homepage.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Real Key to Success On The Net

The real key to success online is with content not just
any content but original unique content. No websites will
get a lot of traffic without good informative unique

Most of the time its good old fashioned article writing
These articles can also include with them informative
videos and related pictures. Within the content should
be good keywords for the topic that your writing about.

One easy way is do a search on your topic with a free
keyword tool such as good keywords or google adsense
keyword tool. and if you are not a good writer you still
have some choices,hire a good ghostwriter to write your
article for you for a fee.

Private label rights are another answer if you cannot
write just do a search for PLR articles on your topic.

They might say the money is in the list but the real
key to success is unique informative content.

I wrote this for all newbee marketers that need to know the key.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Clever ways to get traffic

Articles that have PLR (private label rights) allow you to take an article and rewrite some of it to make it your own. This saves time then add this to the page on the site or blog you want to promote. Freesticky is a site that serves up free content but make sure the ones you want to change have PLR or master resale rights. Article directories are a good source for content. Creating a link and submitting to a high page rank web directory with a rating of 5 or more can drive traffic to your site, for sure! when you pay for a featured listing. Other Blogs with links back to your site and other blogs will help. Building a Squidoo Lens for free will help to build your traffic and is fun also. Traffic Exchanges can be a source of traffic for your site and is good for seeing what good offers and products are out there.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

When you are attacked by either Total Secure 2009 a Very bad malware application or the XP Antivirus 2008 or 2009 They will take over your machine the normal antispyware programs such as avg or avast norton and others have no effect.Only one program I know of can get rid of and clean up the mess its MalewareBytes Anti-Malware.This program will even reboot to clean up files that were locked at the time,when rebooted Your system Is good as new.

How to feel your Computers Health

One way to feel your computers health is to look at the response of your mouse movements.When your mouse is erratic its most likely spyware or viruses,ut sometimes is do to a scan of a antivirus program or a software program that needs updating.Another way to feel your computers health is to check the response time that it takes your menus to come up as you click on them,such as when you click on my computer or your start button, does the menu come up instantly or takes a few seconds most modern computers made in the last year that have at least 512 mb of memory for windows xp and a processor of at least a pentium 4 class or AMD Athlon should have plenty of power for a pretty much instant response.The boot up time is also a way to feel your computers health,if the boot time (the time it takes your computer to start up into windows) is 5 minutes thats a little slow,a good boot time for a healthy xp machine is about 2 minutes or less.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Computer Basic Tips For a smooth Running Windows

There is a few major operations, that any computer user needs to take to make the most out of his or her computer. Spyware cleanup and protection this also should include virus trojan and worm cleanup and protection.Some of the best software for this is as follows,AVG antivirus,Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,and Spywareblaster.These all have a free version ,but with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware you can get protection and Updates for only $25. Defragmentation can also slow your system down a good free defragmentor is Auslogics Disk Defrag. Run Defrag at least every few days to have good results. When cleaning up after Spyware and viruses its a good idea to run a good registry cleanup tool. A very good and free registry cleanup tool is Ccleaner.After uninstalling software its a good idea to run ccleaner it will clean up some leftovers from programs that were uninstalled.